UBC, Faculty of Science, National Research Council, and Centre for Clean Energy (CC-CET), 2023
Facilitated planning workshops on safe transport of hydrogen through existing and new pipeline networks

UBC, Faculty of Science and National Research Council, 2023
Facilitated planning workshops with construction industry to identify current challenges and barriers to digitization of the sector and carbon reduction strategies.

UBC, Faculty of Applied Science and Ministry of Transportation, 2022
Facilitated workshop with private sector, consultants, and senior levels of government to identify strategies and actions for Geo-Hazard Risk Mitigation and Transportation Infrastructure Adaptation

UBC, Faculty of Applied Science and Natural Resources Canada, 2022
Facilitated system visioning workshops with industry, researchers, and government to plan for carbon capture utilization and sequestration in BC

UBC, Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science, 2019
Facilitated workshop to inform the development of a potential UBC Coastal Adaptation Lab focused on sea level rise and adaptation issues and how academics, non-profits and private sector organizations can work together.  

UBC, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, 2019
Facilitation of strategic planning workshops with academics, students and partners in a collaborative engagement process that integrates past work into a cohesive strategic plan

University of BC, Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology, 2016 – 2017
Facilitation of workshops for cross-divisional teams on change management issues and team development

SFU, Beedie School of Business, 2013
Facilitated faculty and administration planning workshops to identify key strategies for continuing to deliver high quality programs while also developing innovative approaches for bridging diversity and increasing success factors for undergraduate students.

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Dentistry, 2010
A one day facilitated follow up session for staff to review progress on action plans, to build understanding in terms of group dynamics, and the conflicts that result from difficult dynamics.

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Dentistry, 2009
A one day facilitated workshop for staff and supervisors to explore issues of community engagement and identify actions to resolve tension. The process involved peer to peer appreciative interviews, focused discussions and action planning. 

University of British Columbia Sustainability Office – Integrating Sustainability Issues & Actions into the University Academic Plan, 2005
The University in consultation with faculty wanted to develop a companion document to Inspirations & Aspirations: Sustainability at UBC that celebrates and communicates UBC campus operations targets and actions plans. We facilitated a workshop with faculty to determine the priorities and actions necessary to expand teaching and research related to sustainability at UBC.

University of British Columbia, Campus Sustainability Office 2004
Our firm was hired to facilitate stakeholder focus groups and assist in the development of a survey with colleagues Consumerscan as part of a social marketing strategy to foster sustainable behavior amongst students, faculty and staff. The focus groups and survey examined barriers that prevent students from engaging in sustainable behaviors while also identifying what students perceive to be benefits, along with effective prompts and norms for sustainable behavior.