About Us

Since 1990, Catherine Rockandel, Principal, of Rockandel & Associates has engaged people with different perspectives in meetings, workshops, and conferences to ensure a rich cross-pollination of ideas. She is skilled at evoking participation, collaboration and creativity while honoring the diversity of the group and affirming its wisdom. This approach builds understanding and sustains the adaptive capability of people to engage in the process of change.

Process Facilitation & Engagement Methodology

Catherine Rockandel is a certified professional facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and has completed the professional facilitator program offered by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). As well she has undertaken training on facilitating dialogue on divisive issues. Catherine works to help her clients, their stakeholders and partners connect more deeply with one another, and with their common concerns and purpose.

She has a strong grasp and practice of the dynamics and "how-to’s" of the art and science of group facilitation. Catherine effectively uses core facilitative methods to design and lead large or small group processes. She draws on a broad tool kit to support groups to understand complex issues and make structured decisions; supporting groups to explore and differentiate questions of fact (what is) from questions of value (what matters to individuals). She maintains objectivity while reading the underlying dynamics of the group and supports them to share their wisdom, identify the way forward and release blocks to the process. 

Catherine also provides services in public and organizational engagement. Her work is based on the principles and values of IAP2, the global authority on tools and best practices for people who develop and conduct public participation processes.  She is a CP3, certified public engagement practitioner, and has a Certificate in Public Particiption from IAP2. Catherine supports her clients to design processes that support sustainable decisions by involving those who are affected by a decision in the decision-making process. 

Catherine has a deep curiousity for life and learning. She is known for presenting herself in a genuine way, acting with integrity, and treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice. She deeply values being kind, compassionate and respectful.