Catherine Rockandel

Public Sector Organizations

BC Housing, Sechelt Temporary Shelter, August – December 2017
Facilitated a series of public information meetings that resulted in the community identifying a location for a proposed shelter.

Translink, Development Cost Charge Consultation, October 2017
Facilitating two workshops to gather input from stakeholders on two broad options for allocating the revenues from a regional transportation Development Cost Charge.

BC Housing, Township of Langley Supportive Housing, October 2017
Facilitated a public meeting for over 500 people to provide input on the proposed supportive housing project in the Quality Inn.

Translink Mobility Pricing Independent Commission, August 2017
Facilitated two workshops to develop and confirm the values and objectives, and to identify the structure and Commission work process.

District of North Vancouver, August 2017
Facilitated planning department staff retreat to develop work plan.

District of Squamish, Seniors Centre Revitalization Project, September – March 2017
Steering committee facilitation and stakeholder engagement support for project to revitalize seniors centre

District of Squamish, Squamish Estuary Management Committee, Feb - July 2016
Facilitated series of workshops with industry and environmental stakeholders, Squamish Nation and District of Squamish and Province of BC - FLNR to discuss land use and governance issues.

School District 42: Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows, May 2016 – February 2017
Facilitated three full day strategic planning workshops with senior staff, community and educational partners to inform the development of the strategic plan

Squamish Lillooet Regional District, June 2016
Facilitated elected officials forum to review and confirm key aspects of Regional Growth Strategy

BC Housing Communications, August 2015
Facilitated planning workshop to discuss change management issues and the development of strategies in the context of current priorities

District of West Vancouver, April - June 2015
Facilitated the collaborative planning and development of a five-year Visual and Performing Arts Strategy with the Ferry Building Gallery, the West Vancouver Library, the Kay Meek Centre, the West Vancouver Museum and Centre for Art, Architecture and Design, the Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver Community Centres, the Public Art Advisory, and the West Vancouver Community Arts Council.

Squamish Lillooet Regional District, January 2015
Facilitated two day strategic planning to identify regional boards direction for the next four years.

District of Squamish, Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas Committee, June 2014 – May 2015
Facilitated DOS WLNG Committee comprised of local residents, municipal staff, industry and tourism stakeholders. The purpose of the committee’s work is to provide an objective view of technical implications and public interests surrounding the development of an LNG facility in Squamish.

District of Squamish, December 2014
Facilitated two and a half day Council orientation and team building workshop

District of Squamish Public Library, November 2014
Facilitated one day strategic planning workshop for Board of Directors and staff

School District 41: Burnaby, November 2014
Facilitated workshop for Aboriginal Education team to enhance learning environments and identify how to best support Aboriginal student success.

City of North Vancouver, March - April, 2014
Facilitated four Official Community Plan (OCP) Town Hall Meetings

District of North Vancouver, William Griffin Community Recreation Centre, January 2014
Facilitated the Public Information Meeting for the redevelopment of William Griffin.

School District 44: North Vancouver, 2013
Facilitated a one-day planning workshop for First Nation Support Workers, Success Teachers, Eslha7an teachers and the District Administrator to enhance learning environments for Aboriginal students.

District of West Vancouver, 2013
Facilitated two Town Hall Meetings for a cellular tower location development in West Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver & FCM, National Zero Waste Council, March - June 2013
Facilitated webinars, teleconferences and face-to-face meetings, as well as strategic planning to support corporate and public sector members to create the Council structure and initiate work planning to harmonize waste prevention and reduction across Canada.

Squamish Lillooet Regional District, 2013
Facilitated public meetings in January and May with residents of the Upper Squamish Valley to understand zoning issues and get input into the development of zoning.

City of North Vancouver, 2012
Facilitated the Town Hall Meeting for the Harry Jerome Recreation Complex. 

Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry, 2012
Facilitated the initial public forums: Improving Missing Person’s Practices: Investigating Missing Persons and Police Relationships with Victims’ Families, the Community, the Public, and the Media. Inter-Jurisdictional Collaboration and Coordination Among Police; Enhancing Police Accountability; and Moving Towards Healing and Substantive Change: Healing, Reconciliation and Implementation. Ms. Rockandel’s role was to support the families of missing women, non-profit groups working in the Downtown Eastside, First Nations, residents, and members of police organizations to share their experiences, perspectives and recommendations with the Commissioner, the Honorable Wally Oppal. 

North Vancouver School District, 2011 & 2012
Facilitated the annual one and half day retreat for the North Vancouver Outdoor School Advisory Committee to explore alternative governance models and undertake planning for the Environmental Learning Centre. 

District of Mackenzie, BC, 2010
Facilitated a two day strategic planning session with Council and senior staff to lay the foundation for the development of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

Community of Federal Regulators, Canada, 2010
Facilitated a two-day workshop for regulators from a variety of federal departments on how Ottawa regulates. The workshop was also webcast across Canada.

Village of Pemberton, B.C, Council Retreat, 2009      
Facilitated a one-day workshop for staff, Mayor and Council to build team communication, clarify roles and responsibilities and develop consensus on approaches to improve effectiveness.

Health Canada, BC Regional Planning & Coordination, Environmental Scanning, 2008
Facilitated an environmental scanning process for division and branch managers as part of a regional strategic planning initiative

Natural Resources Continuous Learning Forum: From Strategy to Implementation, 2008
We worked with the project team to develop the process design and lead the facilitation in the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. The NRCE is a voluntary collaboration between resource sector employers, government agencies, colleges, universities, and professional associations. The facilitation successfully moved collaborators from strategy to decisions on implementation of a continuous learning strategy for British Columbia's natural resource management community.

FORREX – Forest Research Extension Program “Think Tank on Emerging Issues in Resource Management”, 2008
Facilitated a one and half day board planning session that identified key issues and opportunities for FORREX to extend its mandate and deliver programs in sustainable natural resource management.

Ministry of Labour – Employers’ Advisors Office – Planning for Change – Strategies for the New Service Plan, 2008
Facilitated a strategic planning session with advisors from regional offices throughout BC. The process included an organizational historical scan to capture milestones, the exploration of the values the organization espouses and its values in action that guide behavior. The participatory process supported participants to develop a vision and identify strategic priorities.

Squamish Public Library, 2008
Facilitated a one-day strategic planning session for staff and the board of directors

District of Squamish, Social Issues and Housing Forum, 2008
Process design and facilitation of a one day forum of community leaders from the business sector, social service agencies and non-profits, municipal, provincial and federal government elected officials and agencies to build understanding about the complexity of housing and social issues, to share ideas and identify opportunities for collaboration.

BC Forest Investment Account - Forest Sciences Board – Integrating First Nations Interests into Forest Science Research, 2007.
Facilitated discussions between BC Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Sciences Board (FSB) and the BC First Nations Forestry Council (FNFC) on how to integrate First Nations interests into the BC Forest Sciences Research Program. The facilitated workshops resulted in consensus on the process, priorities and criteria for integrating First Nations interests into provincial Forestry Research.