Catherine Rockandel

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Volunteer Richmond, Strategic Planning, 2001
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Volunteer Richmond needed to develop a sustainable service delivery model that raised public profile and built the capacity of the volunteer sector in Richmond. The organization contracted Rockandel & Associates to develop a strategic plan and funding model that mapped out a defined strategy, methods for implementation and action steps for success.

Rockandel & Associates undertook a strategic planning process that explored key aspects of Volunteer Richmond's business model from evaluating markets, to establishing a differentiation strategy, assessing organizational assets and capabilities and leveraging resources through partnerships. Our firm worked collaboratively with community and funding stakeholders, staff, volunteers and the board to develop an organizational profile. We uncovered service gaps, undertook an analysis of internal and external strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats, and examined the business model to improve efficiency and the potential for success

“Catherine's skills and ability to develop relationships, interview, research, analyse and report are solid. The document returned to Volunteer Richmond was thorough, and "livable". Because of Catherine's work, our agency is better positioned to embrace the changes of the non-profit sector, position ourselves as a key player in our community, and follow a defined strategy of sustainability."

Elizabeth Specht, Executive Director, Volunteer Richmond