Catherine Rockandel


University of British Columbia: Department of Housing and Conferences, UBC Child Care Services 2002 - 2003
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UBC Child Care Services operates as an ancillary within UBC Housing. The organization wanted to explore options to expand service provision. However a number of factors had the potential to impact expansion, including issues of funding, that expansion of childcare services was not addressed in the current official community plan (OCP), and that expansion would require support from a wide range of UBC stakeholders including but not limited to the Executive Office, the Board of Governors, UBC Properties, UBC Land and Building Services, the Treasury Board, the Student Society and the Municipal Committee. UBC Child Care Services needed to demonstrate the value of childcare.

Project One, 2002
This project involved extensive research identifying comparables and best practices as well as exploring the vision of a socially sustainable community. Preliminary meetings with stakeholders identified issues of concern, strategic analysis demonstrated the demand for child care, and identified new opportunities to generate revenue and add value to childcare services provided by the University of B.C. The report is divided into two sections: the dynamics of childcare, provides an overview of childcare issues and research over the past twenty years; while the UBC child care context examines the organizational service delivery model at UBC and identifies strategic issues and opportunities.

Project Two, 2003
The initial report stimulated commitment to undertaking a business plan to expand Child Care Services at UBC. It demonstrated the importance of child care to current UBC faculty, staff and student families, the high demand for quality services, the implications of major growth in the university community, and the value of child care services as a recruiting tool for faculty. Our firm was contracted to undertake the preliminary business planning that identified operational issues, revenues and expenses involved in financing growth of child care at UBC.