Catherine Rockandel

Private Sector

Teck Cominco Ltd: The Sulllivan Round Table Report: Lessons In Sustainabillity, 2002
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Rockandel and Associates was contracted by Teck Cominco Ltd. and Natural Resources Canada to undertake interviews, research and develop the Sullivan Round Table Report: Lessons In Sustainability for the Metals and Minerals Industry. The Round Table Report synthesizes the input of multiple stakeholders and attempts to represent the diverse communities of interest in mining.The report provides tools for the mining industry and includes sustainable best practice checklists applicable through each phase of the mining life cycle.The report and CD ROM have subsequently been published by the World Bank Group.

In 2001 Teck Cominco retained Rockandel & Associates to develop a paper that articulated the challenges and successes of the company in undertaking sustainable mining practices and engaging the community of Kimberley, BC. The paper formed the foundation of a series of presentations by Teck Cominco at the Australian Mineral Council Conference in October 2001 and the Sullivan Round Table presented by Teck Cominco Ltd, Natural Resources Canada and the World Bank in November 2001.