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Partnering for Success: One Minute Insights from the Field

Posted by Administrator on 24/06/2020

Efficiency is doing the thing right, but effectiveness is doing the right thing

The events of the past few months have resulted in many of my clients reflecting on leadership and shifting the status quo. In my work I often facilitate difficult conversations that challenge assumptions and support leaders to listen and learn. I share insights from articles, books, and podcasts. A lot has been written and posted about leadership. In my recently refreshed blog I focus on: One Minute Insights for Busy Leaders. I hope to bring the best thinking from numerous thought leaders in a minute or less. As management guru Peter Drucker says, “efficiency is doing the thing right, but effectiveness is doing the right thing”.

I explore the difference in two new virtual services that I have been delivering for Local and Regional Government, Universities and School District staff. Facilitated Strategic Conversations support senior leaders to harness the collective power of their team to solve tough challenges and the new Professional Strategic Leadership Development program supports leaders to reflect, learn and move from vision to action.  If you want to learn more about these services give me a call.

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