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Catherine Rockandel co-presents at 2011 CMA Conference, April 12-17 in London, Ontario

Posted by Administrator on 18/02/2014

Catherine Rockandel and Phil Aldrich will co-facilitate a three hour workshop:  Building Constituency: The Museum as an Essential Service

In the contemporary quests for value, sustainability and accountability, museums are exploring ways to reinvent themselves as purveyors of services essential to their communities.  Beyond collecting and preserving, they are becoming advocates for changes in policy and behaviour, forums for debate on controversy and resources for expertise on complex topics. They are linking themselves to the goals of other institutions and expanding their constituencies and influence in the process. This necessitates more collaborative and holistic approaches to planning and design where users and partners are brought into the process early to explore the meaning of success and its implications for institutional character and physical form.

This session will focus on these methods and their results in a number of guest case studies. It will be conducted in an interactive workshop format, and audience participants are expected to share their own experiences and explore the implications.

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