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District of West Vancouver - Arts & Cultural Strategy 2004
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The District of West Vancouver undertook a significant review of its arts and cultural programs, plans, and strategies. Our firm worked with District staff, councilors, community organizations, residents and the Arts and Cultural Select Committee to develop the District of West Vancouver Arts and Culture Strategy. We facilitated workshops, focus groups and conducted strategic planning to leverage community core competencies, knowledge, capacity and resources. The result was a strategy that enhances the cultural community, builds cultural capacity, and contributes to the cultural economy.

Excerpt from: Creative City News
 Cultural policy, planning, and context. February 2, 2005
West Vancouver: Council adopts Arts & Culture Strategy

On January 24th, the District of West Vancouver's Council adopted an Arts and Culture Strategy for the municipality. It is a strong document that speaks to arts, heritage, and culture for the whole municipality and all departments, not just cultural services. The document outlines a collection of strategies and actions based on five strategic directions:

  • Provide Council leadership
Strengthen our sense of place

  • Improve communication, collaboration, and cooperation

  • Facilitate an environment of creativity
Build the cultural economy

The Arts & Culture Strategy and the municipality Cultural Policy are available on the municipal website.